First Grade

In first grade, we concentrate on developing strong and fluent readers. We learn to write informative and opinion papers, as well as personal narratives. We develop a strong number sense in math along with discovering addition and subtraction strategies. Our students participate in hands-on investigations for science and learn about the economics and geography of our world in social studies. Each day, students spend time with God through prayer, reading Scripture stories, and participating in weekly Mass.

Meet the First Grade Teacher

Second Grade

Second Grade at St. Anthony prepares students for the sacrament of reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Second-graders begin reading chapter books and develop skills that help them become better readers and writers. The main emphasis in second-grade math is two and three-digit addition and subtraction. Second-graders participate in field trips such as going to Blandford Nature Center to enhance our science curriculum.

Meet the Second Grade Teacher

Third Grade

In third grade at St. Anthony, we learn all about Michigan. At the end of the year, we visit our state capital. Third graders participate in mass several times throughout the school year, with readings, prayers of the faithful, and as choir leading the school. Reading exciting, and engaging literature is a focus in language arts. In math, we concentrate on mastering our multiplication facts to 12. Third graders are tested by the pastor at the end of the year. We participate in the Blandford Nature Center program to enhance our science curriculum.

Meet the Third Grade Teachers

Fourth Grade

St. Anthony Fourth Graders participate in their first year of “Switch Class.” They have different teachers for Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. This gives them a little taste of Middle School. This is also the year that 4th Graders participate in the Diocesan Songfest. Multiplication, Division, and Fractions are the focus in Math, while Social Studies focuses on the Regions of the United States. Fourth Graders participate in our partnership with Blandford Nature Center to enrich our Science lessons. In Reading, we do a number of Novel Studies as we build life-long readers.

Meet the Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade at St. Anthony prepares students for Middle School. Throughout the school year, we work on organizational skills and classroom preparedness. A large emphasis in math is long division and fraction operations, including adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. Students also participate in various activities outside the classroom, such as 5th Grade Retreat, Salmon In the Classroom, Ministry Outreach at Holy Cross Cemetery, and traveling to Blandford Nature Center for outdoor learning experiences.

Meet the Fifth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Sue McCartney

5th Grade Homeroom Teacher

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Our tuition covers all, non-voluntary costs throughout the school year.

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Part of our mission at St. Anthony of Padua is to make Catholic education available and affordable for all families in our community. If you are in need of tuition assistance, St. Anthony can help you attain financial support. Financial aid is awarded to families based on their Smart Aid application. During the 2022-2023 school year, over $100,000 of financial aid was awarded to St. Anthony families.

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