The St. Anthony of Padua House System intends to be a dynamic and exciting way to foster a positive climate and culture for students and staff.  It’s a way to organize students into smaller, close-knit groups that prioritize relational development and a persistent experience of Christian community that builds character, relationships, school spirit and a closer bond to God and others.  The House system performs in ways that students and staff can feel more connected to and involved with the school community around them.

What is it?

Students in grades 6-8 participate in this unique form of student government known as the House system where students are assigned/matched into “Houses” (5-7 groups) and remain in the same House through their 8th grade graduation year.  The House system is a distinctive form of student inclusion that creates positive school culture and expectations, mentoring opportunities, inter-grade friendships, and a host of opportunities to reinforce unity and service within our student body.  The House system allows students to shape the Catholic community of the school.

Each House is composed of a cross-section of students from every grade in 6-8 (lower grades in future) including teachers, support staff and administration.  It is a building-wide initiative that allows students to socialize, learn and grow with one another across grades and interact with positive adult role models and mentors.

How it works?

Throughout the year, students and staff in the Houses enjoy a series of friendly competitions that accumulate points that will be recorded and maintained.  Points are awarded to students for academic success, athletic and spiritual activities, participation in school events and programs, organizing service projects, volunteerism, good character, and various House competitions throughout the year.  

POINTS = Good Character • Academic Excellence • School Spirit • Outstanding Performance • Effort • Teamwork • Humility • Compassion • Responsibility • Service • Participation, etc.

The House that is in first position at the end of each quarter receives an award, and the leading House for the year is awarded the House Championship trophy for display in the school and House celebration.

A designated faculty head (House Dean) and two students (Prefect) lead each House.  The House system allows House Deans and staff mentors to guide a student through their entire education at St. Anthony – providing continuity, resources and appropriate accompaniment through the student’s journey of education and faith.

Houses will meet biweekly and will be regularly scheduled.  New House assignments (for 3rd grade and new students) are made at the beginning of the school year.


Forming friendships, culture of inclusion and belonging, improved individual and school academic performance, being closer to God, character building and healthy competition, building community, peer mentoring, boost self-confidence, team building, healthy staff/student relationships, promotes trying new things, leadership opportunities, school spirit, student retention and gain, setting personal and team goals, achievement, parent/family engagement.

Student Development

Studies show that academic performance is positively impacted when there’s an atmosphere of care and connection. With the St. Anthony House system, student care and connectedness will be intentionally amplified, especially by the persistent presence of the adult mentor(s) for all of the years of a student’s career. 

The House system will address student’s social and emotional learning through the lens of our mission to form Disciples of Christ. These important skills, like cooperation and empathy, while vital for both career success and excellence in responding to one’s vocation from God, are often lacking in our tech-focused world. The House system model is designed to support students in their integral development.

Culture of Belonging and Pride

Houses provide students a culture of belonging and breaks down traditional divisions among students.  In a House, students are able to interact with peers from other grade levels.  With this, older students become mentors and support systems to the younger ones who may need peer guidance or advice.  In return, the young students grow as leaders themselves.

Achievement and success should be seen as impressive, cool and trendsetting.  With the House system, good behavior, academic and personal successes are revered among students because they all know that each students’ success helps their own House get closer to winning the House championship.

School can be stressful for students, but the placement into Houses, the welcoming and acceptance among peers can be a powerful factor in the successful start of the school year.  

The culture of belonging can exist beyond the students and can grow within our parents and families.  Parents from each respective House form bonds with one another and can help one another, network with and create an instant community in which they feel a strong part of.

Guiding Principles of St. Anthony House System

1. The Building of a Christian Community

2. Education for Service and Justice

3. Strive for Individual and Peer Excellence

4. To Know and Love Self and Others

5. Pray, Rejoice and Give Thanks

House Names

Dominican, Benedictine, Marquette, Xavier, Loyola, Franciscan

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