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The implementation of a successful STEM experience at St. Anthony of Padua is something powerful for our kindergarten through eighth-grade students.

Curiosity Meets Innovation

St. Anthony of Padua kicked off its first year of STEM in the SmartLab at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. SmartLab is a STEM-focused solution to fully implementing STEM. Creative Learning Systems is the developer of SmartLab Learning. SmartLab provides students with authentic problem-solving opportunities. St. Anthony students are learning to lead their learning through STEM challenges and projects.

Mrs. Beth Schlosser is our STEM Teacher / SmartLab Facilitator. SmartLab provides our SmartLab facilitator with a comprehensive standards-based curriculum. The materials and technology are provided, making planning and implementation easier. This allows the facilitator to focus on guiding the students in their work. The facilitator is a certified educator and is encouraged to have the flexibility to weave in our Catholic faith through our STEM program. The facilitator is supported through rigorous professional development.

Empowering Learners

Our students are becoming independent thinkers through the practice of our SmartLab four-step process. Throughout each project or challenge, students begin by exploring. This allows the students to get their hands on the tools and/or technology. The students are encouraged to make a workable plan prior to going further with their exploration. After collaborating with their partner(s) and the facilitator, they begin the do components. The greatest amount of time is spent in this part of the process. This is when students are physically working through their challenges. They are encouraged and reminded to reflect while they work through their project. At the end of each project, all students share their work. The students’ presentations are often done both formally and/or informally, giving students an opportunity to practice presentation skills.

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